Masterclass Snatch

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Masterclass (OW) Snatch - Day one

SNATCH: An intense 3-hour masterclass dedicated to the snatch working in a mini-group to develop a technically elite level snatch. Learn how to overcome specific faults in the snatch by getting expert coaching on position, mobility and strength.

The masterclass SNATCH is all about learning Olympic Weightlifting on an elite level. This means in practice that we justify our methods and techniques by building them on solid science. The coaching in the masterclass is done in a particularly small setting to ensure you get undeniable results for your technique. We prioritize the athlete learning weightlifting to get accelerated growth to becoming an elite weightlifter. Expect the masterclass to be full of information and ah-ha moments to the how and what the mechanics are of Olympic Weightlifting. The masterclass is a comprehensive tool to kick start or accelerate your growth as an Olympic Weightlifter.

You will be immersed for three hours into learning how to lift in a group setting of maximal 6-8 people. We guarantee personal attention and development at every step of the masterclass.



WHEN: 20th of March 2021
WHERE: CrossFit Climbers Cabin
Terheijdenseweg 498, 4826 AB Breda
TIME: 12.00 –  15.00
PRICE: 89,- euro


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