Kinetic Network Theory

KNT the movement specialist’s approach to achieve excellence within training and athletes. When you want to know more about our services





The company that naturally flowed out of the initiative started by Bart van Nimwegen in 2013. The initiative that we are taking is one towards a world where we strive to improve the quality of movement. Everyday we push the boundaries till we break them of what we can do with movement. Any given day is about getting the best out of yourself. This website is our platform to help you in getting every single inch out of the potential you have.

That is why we developed Kinetic Network Theory (KNT). In short KNT is the way to understand how movement comes to be, how systems co-operate with or compete against each other and how the behavior is of and between the kinetic chain in the human body. KNT is the way to accelerate your learning, understanding and application of movement to your body or to that of your athletes.


We believe that transferring knowledge & skills to athletes and coaches is a vocation for us. We see a lot of athletes and coaches that are looking for a better way. One where they can feel like they can use the intelligence, talents and passion they have for what they do. For this reason we have developed two programs:


The Athlete Development Program (ADP) is a tract where the athlete is provided with knowledge and education on how to develop athletic skills. The skills taught are foundational in becoming an elite athlete. We don’t promise you will be an elite athlete, but we will certainly give you the tool box to be one.

We will teach you how to breath, lift, move, recover, eat, live and compete. The goal we have with you after you finish the ADP is that you are that athlete on the competition floor that is excited in his every fiber to excel to go out and win. The one that is driven to all he can be. You will see an athlete that is strategic, great mover, mentally strong and zealous(means devoted) to achieving it all.

The Athlete Development Program is for the athletes that want to train. The ones that love to get something more out of themselves. We as your coach are certainly working at this very moment that you read this to be an even better coach to you, because we are dedicated in getting the best out of you. So you can expect that we will get the best out of you if you are willing to do the work.


The Coach Development Program (CDP) is a process where you can acquire the skills to become competent enough to be certified as a Movement Specialist. This means you are capable of providing athletes with great instruction on movement regardless of the sport your athlete practices. Being capable of writing training programs for athlete for any aspect and getting the planned result when it is planned.

You will be capable to form an athlete’s mind and body over decades ahead to give them the capabilities to excel at the highest levels of their respective sports. Finally it means you have the competency to fix injuries, pain, plateaus, dysfunctional movement patterns and emotional weakness yourself.

Our events are always build with the sole purpose of getting the best out of you. Whether it be a masterclass, seminar or performance camp. Our goal is to revolutionize the world of movement, choosing us is choosing to be part of this revolution. Through the revolution movement will be its own valid domain of health standing with ease next to the big domains such as Western medicine and psychology.